Discover your limits outside your comfort zone. Through entertaining and playful activities we want to orient you and understand your personality profile but also how you function in a group

Can leadership be learned?

Many managers and leaders are not equipped to adapt to teamwork. According to experts and management theorists, about 15% of managers have a natural aptitude for managing teams and 15% never do because it goes against their personality.

In between, there are a very large number of people for whom leadership does not come naturally, but who are capable of learning. It is this last category of individuals that Adelea “Camps Leaders” proposes to train


The leadership training consists of six days during which several leadership styles are explored. Participants learn, for example, that an autocratic leader is one who centralizes authority, imposes his or her work methods, makes unilateral decisions, etc.

Participants also learn and discover the notable differences between a leader; a visionary; a manager and a specialist; the heart of the training.

After reviewing a range of leadership styles, participants engage in an intensive self-reflection exercise that is very powerful.

Inspired by biblical examples, the training includes, among other things, personality tests, practical exercises, sports activities and personal and team challenges.

For future students, this camp marks the first highlight of your three years at Adelea Academy. This intensive training will undoubtedly allow you to grow in your calling and to discern more clearly your strengths and weaknesses.



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