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International Seminary of Theology and Leadership in Zurich


Founded on three pillars: worship, leadership & theology

Praise & Ministries

What and why?

Everything begins in praise and adoration, and everything ends in praise and adoration. This is why skills in worship and music are fundamental to any ministry today. Adéléa Academy offers a comprehensive training program for those called to serve Jesus Christ and His Church.

Students will be trained in both instrumental and musical skills. Totally musical, they will be able to exercise their ministry whether as a pastor, praise preacher or one of the other apostolic ministries (pastor, evangelist, teacher, prophet and apostle).

Is it for me?

Do you want to serve God? Do you like a challenge? Would you like to deepen your understanding of the Bible? Do you want to get out of your comfort zone? Are you ready to discover praise, the gifts of the Spirit and especially the gift of prophecy? If you answer yes to at least one of these questions, then there’s no doubt that this is the school for you.





Vocal harmony
Personal instrument
Orchestra/choir direction
Identity of the artist
Prophetic art


Church management
Church leadership
Coaching / Mentoring
Financial management / Accounting
Church culture
Public speaking


AT / NT Overview
Ecclesiology of ministries
Christology – Pneumatology
Systematic theology
Hermeneutics I and II
Letter to the Romans
The Psalms
Church history
Practical theology


Camp leader
Church internship
Travel / Mission
Church planting
Practical projects



To enroll for a Bachelor’s degree or Certificate in Ministries, you need a basic education of twelve years (e.g. a CFC vocational apprenticeship or a maturité or equivalent, baccalauréat, BTS or equivalent). You’re involved in a local church and your pastor supports your decision for ministerial education. You are eager to learn, a team player, resilient and disciplined.


This curriculum leads to either a Bachelor of Ministries (BA MI) from Adéléa Academy. Training starts every year in mid-September. It lasts 6 semesters and comprises 180 credits based on the ECTS system, a third of which is spent on practical training in a local church. We would like to draw your attention to the leader camp which is compulsory for all students, before or after the beginning of classes.

Each year of full-time study earns a Certificate of Completion for 60 annual credits.


The tuition fee for BA and Certificate students is CHF 395 / EUR 225 per month (10x/year). The seventh semester lasts 6 months. Fees apply to all students studying in Switzerland (prices in Euro apply to students residing in the EU).

We believe in a formation that fully involves the local church. The school fees of CHF 595.-/ EUR 425.- gross, will be reduced thanks to the financial support of CHF 200.- minimum from the student’s internship church.

Our school’s vision regarding finances is to promote student integration. We do not want finances to be a barrier to study. If you feel the call and resonance in your heart for our school, we offer you a financial aid adapted to your needs and abilities. Contact us to establish a support plan together.

Personal expenses

The expenses for literature and school materials are individual. The proposed study or mission trips are optional. Twice a year, an extended external study weekend is held.


Adelea Academy works in partnership with the association LUMEN HOME, which facilitates the accommodation of our future students. The proposed accommodation is a shared apartment in the center of Geneva, 5 minutes from the train station, from 350.00/month.

Financial support

We encourage students to find supporters in the local church to contribute to the cost of tuition for a flat monthly fee or a one-time annual donation. We suggest a minimum participation of 50% of the tuition fees.


By mail

or at +41 79 678 20 16